In the summer of 2019, a small group of family and friends from various backgrounds and experiences began talking about planting a new church. Some were healing from recent hurts, some searching for a place to call home, all praying for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance. After much discussion, planning, and striving in prayer, on August 18, 2019, Salt & Light Church was born and held its first Sunday worship service. Those present committed themselves to prayer concerning what the Lord would have for this small group of Christians; the past months have been ones of both blessing and rejoicing as we have continued in fellowship together while seeking the Lord’s direction for the future.

                In our short history we have determined to honor and glorify God in all that we do, making worship our way of life, and being both the salt and light of the earth as Christ calls us to be. It is our prayer and desire to reach as far as God would have us with the good news of the Gospel, beginning with our families and friends, the high-desert community in which we live, and to the ends of the earth as He would have us. Our heart is to provide a place where Christ is made known to those who do not know Him, and to love, encourage, and grow with those who do. At Salt & Light Church we welcome the young and the old, the hurting and broken, the joyful and fervent, peoples from every culture and context to come and experience life together in the grace and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Read about what we believe at Salt & Light Church; here you will find what is normally called a "statement of faith" explaining what we believe about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and more.

Here, alongside our beliefs, is our teaching position on various topics. Learn about what we believe the Scriptures teach on topics such as the Gospel, the work of the Holy Spirit, gender distinctions, and more.

Though "membership" is not explicitly stated in scripture, it is expressed implicitly. Learn about why we practice church membership at Salt & Light, and what Biblical membership means.