Ministries at Salt & Light Church

It is our desire as a church to encourage a community of growth and discipleship and to fulfill the Great Commission of making both the Gospel known, and of making disciples who make disciples. We endeavor to take the Good News of Jesus to our friends, families, and community, and to support the mission of the Gospel throughout the world. Besides our regular Sunday worship, we strive to grow together in the Word and Holiness, and to support and encourage each other in all of life’s circumstances through the ministries offered at Salt & Light Church.

Small-Group Bible Study

Small-group Bible study provides an atmosphere of growth and accountability through in-depth study, prayer, and discussion. We meet mid-week to fellowship and study the Word of God together; this also provides time outside of Sunday mornings to develop closer relationships as we seek Christ together, rejoice with one-another, and encourage each other during life's difficult moments. 

Men's & Women's Groups

Men's and women's groups meet once a month for the purpose of growth and accountability with one another. It is our desire to become more godly men and women at any and every stage of our lives. Meeting in men's and women's groups allow for the mutual accountability and encouragement that we so desperately need in a world which blurs the separation between manhood and womanhood. 


We want to be a people who make known the grace of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every context of life that God so places us. It is our goal to reach those closest to us (families and friends), as well as those in the community we live. We do this through preaching and encouraging the importance of knowing and sharing the Gospel, and by physically taking the good news into the community to share with all who would listen. 


Besides personal and local evangelism, we want to do our part, by the grace of God, to fulfill the great commission of our Lord to take the Gospel into all the world. We do this by supporting, both through regular prayers and financial giving, HeartCry Missionary Society. 

Biblical Counseling

It is our desire to offer help to the hurting, the struggling, the broken, and any in between through counseling based in the Word of God. At some times, and in some instances of life, personal and confidential help, encouragement, and accountability is needed and it is our heart to help as God would have us in these times.